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Echoes of the Lines

"Echoes of the Lines" is associated with the drawing project "Equivocal Landscape," which I started in 1998, making a single drawing every day as a "tree" of personal memories of the day in the sketchbook of 5.9-x-8.5-inch (or A5) with a 0.2-mm black micro-pigment ink pen. I also put a color annotation, which represents my mood for the day, such as scarlet, pale green, or tender pink, on the back leaf of the drawing. In "Echoes of the Lines," I create a painting that supplements the original drawing in a fragmentary form after selecting one drawing from the sketchbooks. I aim to convey a latent image in the painting form with colors, shapes, and textures. The title of the painting corresponds to where and when I made the original drawing. When I began the project in 2018, I employed less color, and I textured the surface of the painting with an oil stick while rendering the blackish lines visible as if an image appeared inscribed on a rough white wall. In other words, I created a painting that speaks of personal memory visions with the reflection of some parts of the original drawing's black lines on the painting as if it were a wall painting in a cave, such as in Lascaux.

Since 2021 I have used more colors based on the color annotation of the original drawing on a smoother surface to express my furtive memories throughout the painting. In recent paintings, I have used more layered color brushstrokes over some shapes transfigured from the original drawings, aiming to evoke memories vaguely visible within the constellation of colors.

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