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Volatile Landscape

After six years of working on the "Echoes of the Lines" series of paintings, I have noticed that there was some distance between the painting and the original drawing on which the painting was based, compared with other projects, such as "Landscape of the Day" and "Corrections." The painting's active look made me consider a 'passive picture' in which the drawing image is more perceived and eventually led me to the "Volatile Landscape" project, in which I have created the work that speaks of the drawing's presence that harmonizes with the print images and the color background.

I use the acrylic medium transfer method to create mirror images on a wood board. I achieve this by combining the original drawing with photos I take using Photoshop. The next step is to enhance the drawing's black lines in white and the background in color, which refers to the original drawing's color annotation. I conceive the mirror image as if I were looking at myself since it is my memory's reflection.

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